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Stories for week starting Monday, May 13, 2024


Why the U of A Protest Camp Raid Was a Disaster

Police and university head need to answer for the violent, likely illegal eviction.

David Climenhaga, Yesterday


Fire Weather Redux: Fort McMurray’s Repeating Nightmare

For authors John Vaillant and Arno Kopecky, the latest evacuation prompts shared thoughts: moral, practical and humble.

Arno Kopecky and John Vaillant, Yesterday


Inside the Garage and Garden Arthur Erickson Called Home

An intimate peek into the modest, experimental dwelling of a master architect.

Christopher Cheung, Yesterday


How Global Wars and Sanctions Are Hobbling Climate Action

Europe was poised to lead on green energy. Then Putin attacked Ukraine. An excerpt from ‘A Map of the New Normal.’

Jeff Rubin, Yesterday


People Love Watching Grizzlies. Do the Bears Love Being Watched?

In short, no. But there are ways to minimize our ecotourism impacts.

Larry Pynn, Yesterday


The Enduring Brilliance of Alice Munro

The late author’s work is at once hyper-local and global, rendering ‘home’ beautifully complex.

Manina Jones, 16 May 2024


Four Years After Burnaby ‘Demovictions,’ Protected Tenants Return

And they’ll be paying their old rents for new homes. It’s a model for cities that want development without displacement.

Christopher Cheung, 16 May 2024


Fresh Ways to Cover the Climate Crisis

How the Climate Disaster Project at UVic is reinventing journalism, winning awards and teaming with The Tyee.

David Beers, 16 May 2024


BC Steps In to Prevent a Summer Homelessness Crisis

The province moves to slow SRO evictions after courts nixed Vancouver’s vacancy rent control bylaw.

Jen St. Denis, 16 May 2024


Please Advise! Has Vancouver’s ABC Council Lost Its Way?

Only if you think expanded gambling, more traffic and climate change denial are problems, says Dr. Steve.

Steve Burgess, 16 May 2024


Why Danielle Smith Is Wrong on Research Funding in Alberta

The UCP’s claim that federal funding favours ‘liberal’ researchers doesn’t hold up.

Ping Lam Ip and Andrea DeKeseredy, 15 May 2024


How Do You Catch a Bus If You Can’t See?

Metro Vancouver’s TransLink has an app for that, helping blind and low-vision riders navigate complex transit systems.

Maylin Tu, 15 May 2024


An F Grade on Protests for University Presidents

Freedom of assembly is a right. Stop cracking down on peaceful encampments and do this instead.

Emmett Macfarlane, 15 May 2024


The Alberta NDP Leadership Race Heats Up

McGowan is out and Nenshi is in front as the battle for the party’s future enters its final stage.

Graham Thomson, 15 May 2024


Down in the Basement, Where Creativity Lives

Channelling the exuberance of kids left alone to play, a Richmond art show lets loose.

Dorothy Woodend, 15 May 2024


Busting Four Damaging Myths about Community Housing

And why we need to look beyond the private sector to fix this crisis.

Yushu Zhu, Hanan Ali, Meg Holden and Natasha Mhuriro, 14 May 2024


How Gil McGowan’s Exit Changes Alberta’s NDP Leadership Race

The labour leader pushed for the party to woo working class voters back from the UCP.

David Climenhaga, 14 May 2024


‘A Good Fire’: How Prescribed Cultural Burns Protect Communities

They’re rooted in generational knowledge. And they’re long overdue.

Aaron Hemens, 14 May 2024


Officer Who Hit a Man with His Police Car Receives $2,000 Fine

‘It feels like a slap on the wrist,’ say advocates for Dennis Hunter.

Jen St. Denis, 14 May 2024


The ‘Invisible Line’ Determining Who Gets Recovery Support in Lytton

Despite reasoning cited by the province, rural residents say the disparity has created a sense of ‘have and have not.’

Amanda Follett Hosgood, 14 May 2024

Boxing Up a Solution to Food Waste

Peko was launched by students to save groceries from the landfill. They’re helping to cut food bills and climate emissions.

Jen St. Denis, 14 May 2024


Why Did Alberta’s Biggest Universities Call the Police on Protest Camps?

It could be terrible judgment — or pressure from Danielle Smith’s government.

David Climenhaga, 13 May 2024


Jackie Is Dealing with a Terminal Illness. And Being Evicted

After renting in Surrey for 15 years, a couple can’t find a new place they can afford. The laws and market are stacked against them.

Jen St. Denis, 13 May 2024


Singing the Life of Mohawk Poet-Performer Pauline Johnson

From May 24 to June 2, singer Cheri Maracle brings the historical one-woman musical ‘Paddle Song’ to the stage.

Firehall Arts Centre, 13 May 2024


The End of Tree Planting as We Know It

Why BC must reinvent reforestation. First of three dispatches from the bush.

Alana Friend Lettner, 13 May 2024


Book Bans Are a Warning of Our Endangered Democracy

The censorship movement is an attack on freedom and ideas. And it’s growing.

Michael Harris, 13 May 2024